Thoughts on Travel, Photography and Life from Ian Lloyd

Black & White

My life long interest in photography came as a young teenager whilst watching the magical transformation of a blank sheet of paper turn into an image in a darkroom developing tray. I began my career photographing with black & white film and still love the rich tones and sense of simplicity that eliminating colour from an image can bring. Digital photography is a blessing in that it allows me to choose later whether I want an image to be in colour or monochrome. On top of that I can determine in Lightroom or Photoshop exactly what tones each colour will be converted to. Not all images work best in black & white but when they do they can be quite powerful. Having spent many years in a darkroom with different grades of paper and custom made dodging and burning tools, I enjoy the precise control that working with digital images on a computer brings. I also like to obtain very rich dark blacks by cloning an extra layer of black and by tinting the final output a slight sepia colour. It may have been seeing an image emerge from a developing tray that got me started in photography but these days that magic happens digitally in front of a computer - at a faster pace, with more precision and without harming the environment with hazardous chemicals. 

by Ian Lloyd