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Scotland - Planning for Spontaneity

Scotland is one of the rainiest places on earth. My Scottish taxi driver told me he had never visited the nearby Isle of Skye as he always headed to the Mediterranean for his holidays just so he could experience some sunshine.  But Scotland can very beautiful too so patience and pre-planning your accommodation is required. 

I’ve written about weather planning before in a previous blog, but another hedge I use is to book hotels near the centre of the action and a room with a view. This might cost a little more but I’ve found it is well worth it. Recently in Glasgow I experienced three days of almost continuous rain which I heard was not unusual. The hotel where my wife and I were staying was located right in the centre of town and anticipating the gloom of its sunshine starved guests the hotel management offered a free bar service in every room to lift our spirits. 

Late one afternoon, I was about to begin self medicating with a wee dram of Scotch when the clouds parted and golden sunshine revealed a city I barely knew existed. I sensed this was a very limited time offer so I grabbed my gear, took a few frames from our balcony and headed out to cover the city centre in the thirty minutes of light filled grace I had been granted. I knew all the locations having visited them previously in the rain. As I raced around like a madman possessed with two cameras around my neck, I was amazed at how beautiful the city had become with so much spectacular light and shade on view. It didn’t last long, so about 200 frames later when the rain resumed, I knew that I had the best coverage of the city I was ever going to get. I returned to my hotel room, thanked my wife for her prescience in booking such a convenient hotel room and then celebrated with that wee dram of Scotland’s finest.

Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow Scotland

by Ian Lloyd