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Australia’s Red Centre - Going Mobile

My wife Elizabeth normally books our travel accomodation spending a considerable amount of time getting us rooms in unusual boutique hotels, small B&B’s or interesting AirBnB apartments. But for some trips all these options are impractical and going mobile is the only way to experience a destination. In outback Australia renting a mobile home is a great way to experience the bush without having to buy a ton of camping gear or laying out the cash to buy an RV that you might use only once or twice a year. 

Companies like Britz, Maui and Apollo in Australia and New Zealand offer a variety of fully equipped vehicles complete with bedding, utensils, toilets and even showers.  All you need to bring is your clothes and cameras, then buy some food on the way and you are all set for an extended outback adventure. Australia has some very good quality campgrounds or you can choose to head off road and try free camping wherever you like.

Driving is easy with automatic Mercedes and Volkswagen vans and the real thrill kicks in when you realise you can stop anywhere for coffee or lunch or even for a few days. Being this self sufficient is akin to being a turtle carrying your home around with you at all times.

For a recent trip from Darwin to Alice Springs and on to Uluru (Ayers Rock) this combined accommodation and transport proved ideal. We were able to camp out in style in the middle of nowhere and also meet a variety of interesting fellow travellers. Nothing beats watching a night sky full of stars after enjoying a home cooked meal and then retiring to a cosy bed.

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

by Ian Lloyd