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Quito - The Most Underrated City in South America

Quito sits right on the equator, or Ecuador as they say in Spanish, so I was expecting hot tropical weather like I experienced in Singapore for over twenty years. However, from the brand new airport to our recently restored boutique hotel in the old town, we travelled through about four climatic zones in the space of an hour - starting with snow and ending with what I would describe as balmy summer in Sydney weather. Not quite what I was expecting.

A travel writer friend once described Quito as 'the most underrated city in South America' and for the most part I think he's right. Its always good to have few expectations when travelling to a new destination. The world has become homogenous with global brands and culture but its always a pleasure to experience a place that stays true to its roots without turning into a theme park overcrowded with tourists

Most visitors are usually enroute to the Galapagos Islands or the jungles of the interior of Ecuador so Quito often gets overlooked or becomes a quick transit stop at best. Exploring the city and nearby mountains is a special treat.

Otavalo, Ecuador

Otavalo, Ecuador

by Ian Lloyd