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Digital - Ten Tears After

Ten years ago I gave up shooting film and switched entirely to digital. At the time it seemed incredibly risky and difficult. Editors were suspicious, the gear was expensive, and the software was in its infancy. Purists looked at digital as a fad. On top of that there was a steep learning curve for everything.

I had just completed a 20 year retrospective book and exhibition sponsored by the National Geographic Channel and I felt I had reached the limits of what I could do creatively with film. Digital photography offered the possibility of capturing low light without the intrusiveness of using a flash along with the added bonus of instant feedback. I was worried about quality but the new Canon 1Ds I had bought at great expense had a phenomenal 11 megapixels on offer. That quality got even better very quickly. More importantly though, I felt renewed. I was excited again by photography. I could experiment, make mistakes and take risks. It felt like I could see again with child like wonder.  

I've spent the last ten years exploring digital photography. Shooting blind without looking through a viewfinder. Shooting light I could barely see myself. Sharing images with my subjects. Trying new things. In the beginning it was a hard transition but ultimately it was the best decision I've made since becoming a professional photographer. 

by Ian Lloyd