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Aerials from a Balloon

Ballooning in Australia's Hunter Valley

Ballooning in Australia's Hunter Valley

I was reminded the other day just how ideal photographing aerial images from a balloon can be. The basket of a hot air balloon is quiet, stable and offers lots of obstruction free views. Ballooning has its drawbacks with weather cancellations and your direction determined by the prevailing wind, but when it works...... its spectacular! Firing up the burner at dawn, ascending slowly over sleepy landscapes as the sun rises along with a descent into unknown territory all makes for an exhilarating experience.

I've photographed assignments from balloons in many different parts of the world including the ballooning capital of them all - Cappadocia Turkey. I sometimes think back to an assignment in 1995 though, when a balloon flight turned into a disaster in Bagan Burma (now known as Myanmar). Read here for more.

by Ian Lloyd