R. Ian Lloyd - Professional Travel Photographer

I’ve eaten duck's blood soup with Vietnamese hill tribes, survived a balloon crash in Thailand, been chased by wild elephants in Sumatra and nearly drowned in mud on the banks of Burma's Irrawaddy River. Along the way I’ve taken photographs for National Geographic, Time and others.

Born in Canada, I studied photography in New York and California before heading overseas to work in New Zealand and Australia. After that I ran my own publishing company and stock library in Singapore for 25 years before settling in Sydney, Australia.

I’ve photographed 36 large format books including titles on Bali, Kathmandu and Singapore as well as a four volume series on Australian wine regions. The National Geographic Channel has sponsored a book on my photography in Asia and I have also produced a book, DVD and travelling exhibition on Australian painters. 

I continue to be inspired to travel and photograph the world. 


North America is scenery. Africa is wildlife. Europe is history. And Asia is people. Landscapes of people. Swarms of people. Timeless faces of people. Where photography is concerned, Ian Lloyd is Asia.
— Steve Werner - Outdoor Photographer magazine